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From: Hardolaf Zen
Year 10 Day 345
Here at Ayervon Recycling Enterprises there have been some recent changes. For one, Hardolaf Zen has been named leader of the company and will execute to his fullest ability the powers and duties laid upon him by the faction's owners.
Secondly, sales of ugly class fighters (X-Ceptors, Y-Ties, and Tie-Wings) has been reopened from its previously closed state. All orders are made when ordered at this time due to a lack of knowledge of what people wish to buy at the current time, as well as our limited space inside of our factories. For any sales please contact Hardolaf Zen directly.
Thirdly, Kir Jax has been named head of recruitment. For any person seeking regular employement at ARES, please contact Kir Jax. For any person seeking director level positions please contact Hardolaf Zen.
Finally, we have recently had people asking to build facilities and cities on our planets we wish everyone to know that as of now no cities for non-faction members or faction friends will be made on our planets, and that all cities must be approved by a large group of people. You are free to request a city or a facility but you will most likely be met with a stern no.

From: Keegers Shyia
Year 10 Day 179
Ayervon Recycling Enterprises is HIRING! We are looking for people for the following jobs:
  1. Raw Material Hauler
  2. Building Recycing Specialist
  3. Raw Material Prospecting
  4. Ship Production
  5. External Customer Service and Sales Representitive
If you are interested in any of the above positions please send a DM to Keegers Shyia, or send me a PM on the forum.

From: Keegers Shyia
Year 10 Day 155
AREs is under new ownership! As leader of Ayervon Recycling Enterprises I would like to welcome the new management. We are happy to be under this new management and we are sure the new owners will enjoy their new investment.
The Ayervon Family welcomes the chance to excel under the new ownership.

©2008-2010 Hardolaf Zen & Keegers Shyia