The Jedi Order is a Religious Faction in Darkness. This means we can manage and construct Religious type buildings. We offer to any Allied and Neutral group the service of construction (by hopping into JO) and/or management (by assigning JO manager) of Religious buildings.

Religious Facility Management

For management of existing facilities, talk to someone on The Council. If you do this there is the option or either having JO manage and sending 100% of FI. Facilities assigned to us without prior knowledge will be considered donations, and we will keep 100% of FI made.

Religious Building Construction

To build a religious type building talk to someone on The Council and we will let you in, and assign privs to construct with. Once construction is started, the facility will be made over to the individual/faction that is constructing it upon receipt of construction costs. After this the individual/faction may elect to either receive 100% of FI from the building(s) or JO will keep 100%.

Force Testing and Training

We offer Force Testing and training to all mmebers of the Order. More details to follow about our upcoming Extended Jedi Order (EJO) Program.